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Silver Spring Maryland Siding Contractor

Giving the exterior of your home a fresh look is a big decision to make. There is a lot to take into consideration. You'll need to find a qualified and competent Silver Spring Maryland siding contractor. There are designs, styles, and colors to choose, which type of siding to go with and whether or not you're interested in an investment that's for the long-haul.

NOVA is who you want to call when you're interested in sprucing up the siding of your home. We offer countless styles and colors for homeowners to choose from, along with your choice of fiber cement siding or quality vinyl siding.

But your home's new look isn't complete without taking a peek at all of the wonderful exterior trim choices we offer. Getting started is easy and the final product – your home's new look – will make you so happy and proud that you contracted with NOVA to get the job done.

Quality and Energy Efficient Siding Selection

NOVA Exteriors offers a selection of siding that's sturdy, beautiful to look at, and that's energy efficient. When investing in siding, you want to invest in the long-haul with siding that can take abuse from Mother Nature and anything else that could get thrown at it.

Additionally, much of what we have to offer comes backed by warranties to make your investment more worthwhile, while providing peace of mind that you're protected in the event that something goes wrong.

Vinyl Siding
A popular, budget-friendly choice. This type of siding requires very little upkeep and is available in a wide-variety of colors and styles.
Fiber Cement Siding
Our Hardie Shingle fiber cement siding looks just like cedar siding minus the expense of the real thing. It is highly-resistant to all of the things that are a homeowner's worse nightmare - rotting, cracking, and splitting!
Exterior Trim
When you've taken the time to give your home a makeover, you can't forget the exterior trim. It's like a cake with no icing. Exterior trim is available to dress up your home's windows, edges, and door trim.

Siding Options

Our selection of siding includes vinyl siding, fiber cement siding and exterior trim options. When considering vinyl siding, you'll want to make note that this type of siding is highly durable, requiring minimal upkeep. It can take a beating from Mother Nature and is available in a wide-variety of styles and colors.

Mix and match, custom create a look, or just stick with the basics – the choice is yours. Our fiber cement siding selection offers homeowners with the option of investing in a siding type that looks like real cedar without the hassle of cedar costs and the damage that cedar is subject to such as rot, etc.

Fiber cement siding is durable and resistant to cracking or splitting. It's also lovely to look at. Exterior trim options are available to accent the doors, windows, and edges of your home, sealing up the home while putting on the finishing touches.

To learn more about NOVA's Silver Spring Maryland siding contractor services or to make an estimate request, contact us today!

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