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Replacing the windows to your home is a big decision to make and there is a lot to take into consideration. The first thing to take into consideration is the selection of a qualified contractor to install your home's new windows.

If you value your home, you'll likely want to hire a team of contractors you can trust to perform the installation of your home's new windows without problems now or later.

You want to feel confident in your home's newly installed windows because the windows to your home have several important jobs, including safety and security. So when your home is ready for window replacement, NOVA Home Improvements wants to be the contractor you call to get the job done.

Our Selection of Windows

Your options are limitless when you're ready to replace the windows to your home. We offer various types of windows here at NOVA Home Improvements and here is a brief run-down of each type:

Double Hung Windows
Sliding Windows
Picture Windows
Bay & Bow
  • Double Hung Windows: This type of window features two sashes with the ability to vertically slide and to tilt-in for cleaning. The tilt-in feature makes the double hung window a favorite amongst homeowners looking for a window that's easy to clean. Because the window slides up and down effortlessly, double hung windows are also efficient and provide plenty of air flow and ventilation. Installation is also hassle-free.
  • Sliding Windows: The sliding window adds a lovely unique touch to a home's interior and exterior appearance. These stunning windows have the ability to slide just like the double hung windows, only that they slide horizontally instead. They're comparable to sliding glass doors in their ability to horizontally slide. They operate on a single sash versus the double sash with the double hung windows.
    And when it comes to energy efficiency, this is one energy efficient window that can handle Mother Nature during frigidly cold months and blazingly hot months. The window features a polyurethane frame, providing insulation, comfort, and energy cost savings.
    To clean this type of window, the window lifts out of its tracks for your convenience. Before placing the window back in its tracks, make sure to clean the tracks too and of course, use extreme caution when cleaning windows on a second story or higher with children in the home.
  • Casement: Casement windows are absolutely lovely to look at and they're easy to operate. However, please note that you will be unable to install a window AC with this type of window. But if you cool your home with central ac, this will be of no concern for you. The casement window operates with the turn of a handle and on a hinge.
    You'll enjoy maximum air flow with this type of window due to the minimization of the sash and frame's appearance when opened. Additionally, these windows are beautiful to look at and offer a contemporary look and feel, adding warmth and comfort to any home's room.
  • Awning: The awning window is an interesting one and is available with the ability to either swing out from the top or swing out from the bottom. The direction that the window swings out in depends upon the location of the hinge. The minimization of the awning window's frame and sash allows for more sunlight and increased air flow.
    The awning window adds a touch of architectural value to a home's room, along with a contemporary touch and feel. They can be combined with other window types to really set off the appearance of a room or the exterior of your home when opened.
  • Picture Windows: The picture window is an energy efficient option thanks to its inability to open and its polyurethane window frame insulation. When installing this type of window to your home, you'll enjoy an abundance of sunlight and lovely views if you live in a country setting.
    The picture window is generally combined with other window types along each side. Complete the look of your new picture window with awning windows or casement windows on each side. Thanks to the window's increased energy efficiency capabilities, you'll enjoy a reduction in energy costs.
  • Bay & Bow: The beautiful bay & bow windows offered by NOVA Home Improvements are made from supreme quality headboards, seat boards and side panels. If you're interested in a gorgeous and eloquent window capable of maintaining energy efficiency while allowing for ample sunlight and the ability to sit and enjoy the view, this is the window for you.
    The bay & bow window is going to add a great amount of value to your home thanks to its beauty and its energy efficiency. This window is most definitely going to increase the curb appeal of your home as well.
    And all of the materials used to install the bay & bow window are manufactured from furniture grade oak veneer plywood at 1 1/8" thick in measurement. This is in comparison to the typical ¾" thick wood that other manufacturers may utilize for the bay & bow. The increased thickness of the wood provides for an increase in longevity.

Improving Energy Efficiency

These days, improving a home's energy efficiency is at the top of the "to-do-list" for many homeowners. If you're one of those homeowners interested in improving your home's energy efficiency, we can help you select windows for your home that will provide you with ample energy efficiency and long-term savings on energy costs. While the windows that offer increased energy efficiency tend to cost more, that's because this is a long-term investing, offering long-term savings.

Solar Clean

Ask Us about Our Green Energy Features

When you contact NOVA Home Improvements to find out more about replacing the windows to your home or to request your FREE estimate, don't forget to ask us about our green energy features. At NOVA, you have the option of installing SolarClean™ Self-Cleaning Glass. What exactly is this? It's an additional layer added to your home's existing windows which literally "self-cleans." Ask us how.

To learn more or to set up your complementary estimate, contact the window experts of NOVA today and start saving tomorrow!

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This serves as a guide to a typical window installation. Your project may vary depending upon the specific work contracted.

  • You will receive a call from the front office to set an appointment to do an exact measurement on your window order.
  • We will order your windows. When we receive them in our warehouse, we will call to set an appointment for the installation.
  • For the most part, we normally install between 10 & 15 windows per 2 person crew, per day. For Pella wood windows that lessens to 5-7 per day.
  • We ask that you remove your curtains or drapes and back the furniture from the windows.
  • We will remove the windows starting with the storm windows and work our way toward the inside.
  • Your interior trim will not be disturbed.
  • The frames of the windows are insulated with a collapsible foam insulation and installed with 4-3" screws hidden by the blind stops.
  • We adjust the center of the frame with by turning the butterfly.
  • The sashes and screen are installed in the frame.
  • The exterior wood brick molds are caped to the dimension of the brick mold or window trim with a vinyl coated aluminum coil stock, custom bent and molded to your window on the job site.
  • Next, we caulk and seal the exterior and interior of the window to keep out air and water.
  • Finally, we will vacuum the floor around the base of the window.
  • If you have any valuables hanging on your walls, please take care to remove them as they may become unstable in the construction process.
  • If you have a security system, we will remove the units, however we are not electricians and ask you to please call them to reinstall the system. (We don't want to cause a false alarm).
  • If you notice there is condensation on the inside pane (not in between the dual panes of glass), that is due to moisture being trapped in the home, which means that the windows are performing their job and doing what they were designed to do.

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